HiBy R6

The first Android hi-fi music player

HiBy R6 lets you enjoy music at the highest quality with its advanced technology.

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6 Reviews5.0/5
For whom this product is made exactly? Avrg customer won't see the difference compared to Spotify or other more popular service, while audiophiles don't care about digital medium. No lessons leaned from PonoMusic? Overall bad market fit. This product will have shorter lifespan than a hamster.
@amslu Even use the Spotify or other online streaming apps, R6 will provide much better sound than the normal smart phone. So it can satisfy both audiophiles and those people who like listen online streaming
Chintamani Chintadripettaichief soul-searcher, oly.mp
@amslu @allen_huang super skeptical about your claim, Allen. I tend to agree with Andrzej. Had you had created a headphone with these kinds of smarts, then yeah, I see your point. But, whatever jazz is in this device, it is constrained by the headphone used with it. Plus, the pricing, by golly! really hard to justify this price-point for the offering. I see the headphone/ear-computer market completely subsuming the functionality of this device. "Shorter lifespan than a hamster", is unfortunately likely to be an accurate prognosis for this device.
Roberts BiteHead of digital MFG
Looks great! There have been a couple tries before you tho, but if you find the correct market fit I hope it works out great! Congrats on reaching 30K goal on indiegogo as well. Have you thought about shipping it with Sonarworks Truefi as standard?
Rudy Lee
Head of Global Business @Zepeto
Don't you think that the size of this device might be problematic? It looks a little too thick and too big in my opinion! :/
@kydyzyx In reply to the doom and gloom merchants for the Hiby R6: 1. Why so obssessed to have a smart phone do everything? I love having diff gadgets for different functions. Also, solves problem of phone battery life. 2. Size and weight debate! Give me a break! The R6 is really heavy (love it) , feels slim and luxurious in the hand and is all beautiful shiny glass all around. Screen is beautiful and sharp. How do I know? I'm holding mine, recently purchased from China.. 3. Don't care if it sells or not. Better for me as it will keep its value. Plus at this price, it's a steel. Lovely engaging sound and great even with my humble Jabra revo 4.0 Bluetooth headphones. Bye for now as I'm going to use my wafer thin smart phone to make some toast, while throwing out my Canon 5dslr in favour of my Galaxy Note 4's camera, and purchasing an Astell & Kern for £10,000! Get real folks.