AI powered team messaging, task management and video calls

Hibox is a powerful collaboration app that integrates task management, messaging and videoconferencing in the same tool to help users work better as a team.

Hibox uses AI to help users be even more productive by suggesting which colleagues to assign tasks to, predicting how long projects will take, reminding users of task due dates and much more.

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Hey ProductHunt community and thanks @dredurr for the hunt! We are super excited to be launching Hibox today, an out-of-the-box solution to handle the three most critical pain points in collaborating with your team: 1) faster communication (messaging), 2) keep track of your projects (task management) and 3) live discussions for remote work (video calls). Having all these tools integrated helps teams start working right away, whereas with other messaging apps you have to setup separate products that require an additional cost and time and create external integrations that often just show notifications that don’t actually let you get work done. Hibox takes task management a step further through Artificial Intelligence that applies Machine Learning to recognize patterns in users' behavior and automatically converts chat messages into trackable tasks. You can also integrate your favorite apps so you can keep working with the tools your team loves. We are adding new integrations every week. Feel free to use this discount code to get Hibox Pro free for 6 months: HUNT6M Would love to hear your feedback. Let us know what else you’d like to see us build to help improve your messaging experience even more!
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Hey guys! We have a bunch of new exciting features we will be launching in the next few weeks using AI to further enhance your team messaging experience (ex. using our Support Bot to automatically create groups and assign tasks with documents from your Dropbox account). For Slack or HipChat users what do you think they are still missing that you would love to see to take your team messaging experience to the next level?
This is great. An alternative without all the overhead that Slack has for basic things. It's very useful that Tasks and Video Calls are available out-of-the-box.
@soke_ Thanks for your feedback Sebastian!
it could be an awesome service desk app!
@mohammedalaa Interesting idea. What features do you think we should add?
Definitely needs more integrations. Would be an amazing product, just what we need, in that case.
@vladzima We are releasing new integrations each week. Any special integration in mind?