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Welcome, Product Hunters! For 2 days only, we’re releasing Hiboo in exclusivity, before everyone else on ProductHunt! We’re very excited to be here! It’s super early but your feedback is very important so we’d love to know what you think! HOW IT WORKS Hiboo allows you to see what your friends type in real-time. No need to wait or no tap “send” anymore, you communicate at the speed of thought. FUTURE FEATURES? Just for you, here is a sneak peak of the secret sauce coming! Think real-time stickers, think real-time group chats. And why limit that to an app? Think about Medium Meeting Twitch: A platform where writers could write their stories in realtime to their readers. EASTER EGGS! We’ve put all our love into building this lovely product and we really hope you like it! Pssst: There are easter eggs on the page for you to find! I’ll be around here and you can also reach me on Twitter https://twitter.com/stylizit or at matthieu@hiboo.co Thanks a lot! Matt (Co-Founder)
@stylizit @hiboo Any easter eggs in the app ?
@jcampbell_05 @hiboo There's one we can grossly qualify as an Easter egg. Hint: it's a cat. But there will be more to come in the next updates :) What would you like to have?
@stylizit @hiboo I think some secret phrases would be cool (Look at peach)
@jcampbell_05 @hiboo That's a great idea James! We'll definitely do something about it on our roadmap!
@stylizit @hiboo HI there, really cool idea! Are you planning on making this code available for embedding into other applications? For example, a third party messaging service?
Not sure if I'm missing the allure completely here... I don't want people to see what I'm typing (especially if it were to a girl I wanted to date or something), so not sure I'd opt in for this feature. I can also imagine people wouldn't want me reading theirs either. It's a cool idea. But I feel like it's a novelty thing I dont need to see what they are typing, but just want the end product (the message). So what big benefit would I get from seeing it in real time?
@bentossell mmmm, save time? Usually you can figure out what person wants to tell you by a few words
@bentossell Hi Ben! Thanks for your feedback! I completely get your concerns. The main advantage here is that we completely strip off the latency of composing a message: You really communicate at the speed of thought here. In a way, you are getting closer to real-life conversations, in the same way that in real-life you can’t CTRL-Z what you just said! ;) We can even argue that the traditional way of sending SMS has deformed our true way of communicating and that Hiboo is the cure, but that would be pretentious :) And this is only the beginning, everything that’s time-sensitive can be improved. Think about Periscope, wouldn’t it be great to have our feature integrated? You’d be able to enjoy the full real-time experience!
@bentossell Think of it like multidimensional texting. Instead of one static message, it's a conversation that evolves from the moment the thought happens. It's much faster, but it also tends to be incredibly funny and actually rather flirty. I've found that it's actually particularly effective to speak to people that you'd like to date.
@tweetanor @stylizit @come_rad appreciate you all jumping in here:) So for time-saving... I'm not sure it would shave off any significant time for me for assuming what someone is going to say. (often this gets people into trouble haha) I'd have to be in the Hiboo app and focusing on the message being typed anyway so that seems to eliminate this use for longer messages, to me it wouldn't make sense. Most of my messaging communication (whether that is whatsapp, FB messenger, iMessage etc) I am already sending one line messages and sometimes multiple ones. and the recipient does the same. That is simulating real-time communication. And often I can throw in an audio note etc too. Whatsapp conversations for me are so quick and back and for that I just can't really see the benefit of seeing what is being typed. I'm struggling to see what the perfect use-case would look like here for me.
@bentossell @tweetanor @come_rad Actually if you're a fan of throwing audio notes in your messages, Hiboo is very nice for you because you can use dictation and your friends will be able to see the text from your recordings in real-time!
Hibooo, Product Hunters, I am Andriy - CTO & Co-founder of Hiboo. I am usually quite annoyed to be stuck in the app and star at "typing " bubble. Also, I usually send many short messages to keep the other person engaged. To solve these problems, we at Hiboo developed the iOS app for you! I mainly worked on logic and networking part of iOS app and our backend. If you guys are interested how everything works, say hi me in Hiboo! :-) Feel free to invite your friends to the app, as messaging becomes quite boring when you are all alone :-) Thanks, andriy@hiboo.co Andriy
@carbonm how much battery and data does it cost?
@jcampbell_05 in average, it transfers 10-20x more text than usual messaging apps. However, text data is really tiny compared to media content that you consume in other apps. Not sure I can provide quantitate info about battery usage but it is not much different from other messaging apps.
reminds me of ICQ from back in the day. always loved the live type feature. good luck with this!
@thejeremycarson Hi Jeremy, thanks for your support! People also referred to ICQ back in the days and I'm afraid I have no choice but to trust them 100% as I was a bit too young to remember that :)
Hello Product Hunters! I'm Eleanor, the product geek joining Matt and Andriy with this lovely app. Feel free to shoot your questions in my direction, I'd love to chat. Thank you all for being so wonderful with your support and feedback! Eleanor ( eleanor@hiboo.co, http://twitter.com/tweetanor )