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#5 Product of the DayJuly 09, 2017

Hi is a messaging App that connects Customers with local boutiques in NYC

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Hi! I am Pierre the founder of Hi Commerce. We’re super excited to open up our App, exclusively on Product Hunt! Anthony and I have developed Hi Commerce because we believe in the Local Economy. We all know that Local Shops are dying and as we grieve the thousands of lost jobs and boutiques, we also grieve a way of life. So we have decided to fight back! Amazon and big box Retailers have lost the Human Touch but Local Shops didn’t. This is why we have created Hi Commerce (which stands for Human Interaction Commerce) to emphasize what makes Local shops different and unique. With Hi Commerce, you simply make an inquiry -it could be ideas for a gift, a painting for your living room or a super specific item you saw on somebody- and Local Shops will reply by pitching their product though the Chat. In a nutshell, you make the City your Personal Shopper. Hope you share our vision and we will be more than happy to reply to your questions!
@thepierregiraud How commerce are answering clients ? Through a dedicated app ?
@matthieuhelary Hi Matthieu, yes they have their own app
Seems really cool!
@jonathanmoyal it is!;) thks for the upvote. If you have a gift to offer for instance, just make a request and let the magic happens! Enjoy the Sunny Sunday
@dovidyudkowitz thanks for the comment. Happy to get your feedback if you had a chance to walk through the app'
Looks really awesome! How do you route requests to specific stores?
@nibab Hi thanks for the comments! We use Artificial intelligence and NOT inventory. It's called Natural Language Processing: trained on large semantic databases, our "secret sauce" translates words into vectors and measure their proximity to each shop.
Great idea... I have a proposal. We have built a visual search engine. If you want to add that to your search via our API, let me know .
@manindrax Thanks for reaching out. Interesting! Are you based in NYC? Please ping me on Twitter and we organize a meeting.
@thepierregiraud Im in San Francisco now. can you email me at manindra@gofind.ai and we can take it from there?