Keep your team in sync

Love the idea of HeyUpdate, and we'll be trying this out when the office re-opens to help with our daily stand-ups. I've seen a few of these daily update services recently, but what I like about this one is that they are mixing in various integrations to provide additional context to what has been done, or perhaps help you remember what you worked on.
@mattlanham so how does the HipChat/Slack integration work? Is there a bot asking you what you've done today that will forward that to the rest of the team at the end of the day? We're using http://www.producthunt.com/posts..., which is a great tool. They send out an e-mail at the end of the day and you just have to reply what you've done and the next morning you'll get an e-mail with everyone's update. I really like they're e-mailing because that's still everyones *todo list*. Its hard to forget sending your TeamSnippet.
@emieljanson Yea pretty much, you get reminders in Slack, and you can post updates, more info here: http://www.heyupdate.com/integra.... We're just going to start trying it out, but what I love over iDoneThis or TeamSnippet (without trying them), is that HeyUpdate are pulling info in via their integrations, so you'll see git commits, intercom conversations, tickets closed from that day, so you can remind yourself what you achieved. @tompedals is the founder, hopefully he can get in here to comment once Ryan wakes up :)
@tompedals @mattlanham that's nice. It can be hard remember all those little tasks you've done during the day. So basically TeamSnippets vs HeyUpdate → HeyUpdate pulls information from their integrations (git, intercom, tickets etc.), but TeamSnippets is a little cheaper. Both cool — I can really recommend using any of these tools in your team!
@tompedals @emieljanson anything is better than having blank faces during a standup for sure!
@mattlanham Thanks, Matt. Our team have replaced part of the daily stand up but we still catch up each morning to talk about the plan for the day. It's working well for us. The integrations are definitely our focus at the moment. We have a long list to get through and welcome suggestions.
I like this. Could use a bootstrap plan. Usually startups have that roster num on avg. getting off the ground. Could be a great tool to form better communication in micro teams so its second nature when they grow.
@CedFunches Thanks, Ced. That's interesting to hear. If anyone has a small team is bootstrapping and wants to give HeyUpdate a try let me know. We can probably work something out :)
@tompedals will be in touch thx for the tweet
We've been using HeyUpdate for a number of weeks now. Really dig the Github, Trello and Pivotal Tracker integrations. Tom and his team have been very accommodating with requests. Highly recommend!
With Catchapp sadly closing its doors, I'm going to give this a try instead.
Second that. @tompedals Not a bad idea to target Catchapp users.
@djsenior13 It's a shame Catchapp had to close. Hopefully we can fill some of that void as our product is similar in ways.
@tompedals Automation would certainly help. Started using it today, will feedback when possible.
@djsenior13 Thanks, David. Happy to answer any questions :)
Already using HipChat for our Web Tools Wiki team so will start using HeyUpdate too
@mqtodd HipChat integration is almost done and will be released soon.