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#5 Product of the DayNovember 27, 2019
Increase engagement, conversions and revenue for your online summits. HeySummit allows you to organise, promote, and analyse your online summit with ease.
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Hello Product Hunters :) Ben here from HeySummit. We’re really excited to be launching on PH. The last year and a half has been an incredible journey. The idea for HeySummit was born from a simple need we had back in 2018 - or so we thought. Let’s host an online summit with 100+ speakers. Simple. Except it wasn’t. We couldn’t find a platform that would enable us to setup, promote and deliver an event like this. Sure, enterprise ‘event’ platforms existed but they were way too clunky and expensive. And they typically focused on offline events. So we thought we’d build one ourselves. In a little under 8 weeks, we went from having the idea to run a 100 speaker event, to building the platform from scratch and then hosting the event. Apart from hosting each talk live, everything was handled by the platform. It was such a success that we very quickly found many of the event’s attendees, speakers and sponsors asking us where they could get hold of the summit platform. We spent the next few months re-building the platform and enhancing it. Fast forward to today and we now have thousands of customers and have had amazing events hosted on our platform (with speakers from companies like Intercom, HubSpot and CrazyEgg - to name but a few). Most importantly though, we’ve helped our customers deliver compelling events that have helped them broaden their authority in their space, increase their marketing exposure and in many cases, generate an incredible amount of revenue. If you were to run an Online Summit to drive marketing exposure or revenue for your business, what topics would you cover and who would you invite to speak at it? To celebrate our PH launch, we’re running a special promotion - $99 for 3 months on our Business plan (this usually costs $747!). Simply head to our site and click the link in the header. We hope you like what we’ve created. HeySummit is very much guided by its community. Thank you!
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I remember the original Summit Ben and team put on back in the day, and I've loved seeing how organically, step by step, the team have grown this into the successful business it is today. If you're looking to host an online summit, there's really nowhere else you should be looking.
@fredrivett Thanks Fred!
Love this! I was really impressed by an early version of this I saw in action a few months ago — Beautiful UI, great functionality and support from the team behind it. The best part in my opinion though, is how a solution like HeySummit can empower anyone to create an online summit accessible to all and help spread good ideas regardless of physical barriers. Well done! 👏🏼
@williamwright whoop, thanks Will :)
We've considered throwing an online Product Hunt summit but haven't found good tooling to do so (and frankly, it hasn't been our highest priority). Let's take a poll: Would you attend an online Product Hunt summit? (and if you have ideas of how we should run it, add in the comments below)
Not sure, maybe
No thanks
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@rrhoover Run it on Hopin.to with HeySummit on the front-end. ... I can get you set up
@rrhoover this is how we ran Cloud Data Summit last month https://www.clouddatasummit.com/
@rrhoover Love that! We do actually run a couple of summits and handle the organisational heavy lifting for other teams because we know it can be a major time sink for a team who have other focuses. If you wan to chat more, feel free to reach out lizzie@heysummit.com :))
There are SO many variables putting together an online summit. To have something that helps me organize those variables into something manageable saves me time, money, and stress. The developers are listening to the users and the product continues to get updated. Truly one of my favorite tools.
@paul_colaianni Heya Paul 👋 Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience. We hear you - summits are hard! I'm glad we can make them that bit more enjoyable. We're so happy that you find our team responsive to customer needs 💁‍♀️ Happy summiting! 🏔