Free and discounted taxi rides to restaurants you’ll love.

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Hi Hunters! I couldn't be more proud to be on Product Hunt finally sharing our vision of "Free Shipping 2.0". This launch took years of baby steps; the idea came to me after treating some friends to a dinner in Brooklyn. Let’s just say it was more than I intended to spend. Then Uber came to Berlin and had to discount rides—and I started going to new restaurants. Out of the blue I got a call from my college roommate who was a steward on a private casino jet flying around the world 🛫 picking up high rollers for free. That was it. We had to do it! @dennis_sprute and I tarted walking into restaurants with a comic strip of an idea to fill empty seats. We landed an International Italian chain really fast and we knew we had to build it. We now work with over 50 great restaurants in Berlin. For us, 🚚 Free Shipping 1.0 is when you buy something and the merchant offers to ship it to you for free. 🚕 💨 Free Shipping 2.0 is when you get a free ride to where you are going to spend money. We’re starting with free and discounted taxis to 🍴 restaurants first and we’ll see where it goes from there. Isn’t a free ride to where you spend your hard earned 💰 money something you want in your life too?
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@abarba @dennis_sprute Congrats on the release guys! Being able to be there in your first steps, seeing you iterate and build your product, was awesome. Actually one of the cool stories that has stuck with me from the Saturday sessions in the coworking space with Anthony was the one he has about the origins of the name. Maybe it would be a good one for the folks around here read about?
@idmtr we said a lot at the loft. Did I tell you the original name of the product ?
@abarba are you using the Uber API to fulfill rides? It wasn't clear if you're using a ride sharing service to move your users around...
@chrismessina Right now we're working with MyTaxi and their tan codes with passengers in Berlin, but we will need another solution when we come to America.
@abarba @dennis_sprute Congrats on the hunt today. Glad to see you guys are already working with 50 restaurants, looking forward to get back to Berlin and try it!
Heyride is a sweet new app that makes it easy to eat, especially if you're new in town or just need an hassle-free way to coordinate a meal out. They're making big moves out in Berlin, and I hope to see them out in Los Angeles soon! Shout out to @abarba and @dennis_sprute
You should check out my product cake af, pretty similar haha. Great job!
@danielsing3r Hey man, we've tested a few versions of this over the past 6 months and one of the MVP's was pure a text play Honesty, I can't tell you how cool it is that you commented here.
@abarba Haha always love supporting awesome founders pushing awesome ideas.
I know that big things are in the works for @abarba, @dennis_sprute and the team at HeyRide. I am particularly excited to expanding this into Shipping 2.0 and beyond.
Thanks @moon_beamed what city should we do next?
@abarba clever idea for generating demand and filling seats. I bet Reserve incorporates something like this soon (cc @joemarchese).
Thanks @rrhoover I'm 100% certain that "Free Shipping 2.0" is going to be incorporated into a ton of products soon. Wouldn't you agree?