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Heyoya is a voice comments platform that brings the depth and nuance of the spoken word to online commenting systems. By allowing site visitors to record their spoken thoughts as comments, Heyoya turns your website into an interactive conversation.

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Looks promising, will def give Disqus and Spot.im a run for their money!
@haimpekel Thank you Haim for your support!

I think the web is changing and moving faster each and every days, and what can be easier for my blog readers than to record their questions and thoughts? I love to write, and read, but comments sections can be much more fun than they are today Will surely try Heyoya out


Super cool concept


Haven't found any yet

Hi Liat, basically we can’t agree with you more. We believe that the Internet is an industry undergoing rapid change, and with time people will move away from text and towards more interactive media like voice and motion. And when you think about it, these are much more personal and intuitive ways of communicating than typing out a text message or comment. Thanks for your support!

Still new but looks great


Love the idea



Thanks Ziv, We really love what we do here at Heyoya, and very happy to hear that you love the idea behind Heyoya. Thanks again for your support!

Looks really good, just created an account and so far I really love what I see


Very easy to use, I've just clicked and recorded my comment


Haven't found yet :)

Thanks Elen, This is exactly how the magic is happens :) Enjoy Heyoya and we are here for any question you may have. Thanks again for your support.

In my opinion, this is the solution for anyone who hates disqus


Fast, convenient and allows you to respond quickly without the need for writing


I have not found so far ...

Hey Web Tools Club, Thanks for letting us know what you think :) Without hating on anyone, we’re glad to see that you have found the advantages of Heyoya! Thanks again you for your support!