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πŸ‘ x1000 ;)
I like this a lot! However, I see a big issue - there is no visual feedback that I voted when the count is high enough. In your header, when I click πŸ‘, the number stays "6k" and nothing gives me feedback that my vote was successful. If you go open-source, I can create a pull request :))
@marek that's a fair point Marek! I'll be working on it a bit this weekend and hopefully add some love/animation when you hit vote 😊. Oh open source is coming this weekend. Just need some time to remove some extra sensitive data like db host, etc πŸ™Š
@healves82 I totally get it, great job! πŸ‘ I love when people actually make useful things on April 1st and this is one of them πŸ‘
Very cool, love your easy implementation for this. For people interested, we launched Mojirater on PH a few weeks ago and it essentially the same thing. We also offer some nice analytics, integrate Social Share buttons and have a WP plugin.
site is down. nginx says 502.