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Heymarket lets your team text message with customers & partners

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Thanks for hunting us @charles! Looking forward to feedback and questions from the Product Hunt community. We built Heymarket to make it simple for companies to organize and make sense of messaging the same way they do with email. We’ve re-designed the most used features in support and sales, but for messaging. That includes being mobile first. Check out our iOS and Android apps! You can use Heymarket in a few different ways: 1) customer support - create a Heymarket shared inbox so your customers can text with questions, 2) customer outreach - create lists of customers and send a single, bcc: message to all of them at once, 3) operations - use Heymarket to stay in touch with contractors and suppliers. In all of these cases, the people you message never have to install an app and receive your messages as normal SMS. I’ll be here, along with @xmanav, to respond to any of your feedback. If you do decide to upgrade, message us at 415-562-0100 to get 25% off your first month’s subscription. Just mention Product Hunt. Thanks for taking a look!
Incredible Product How do you plan on holding off competition. This seems to be a crowded space over the last few years. More businesses want to use text messages because of the %98 open rate within 3 seconds Dope Product 🚬🚬
@dredurr Thanks! We think messaging is inherently is mobile, so apps are critical. Whether you're an iOS or Android user, Heymarket will immediately feel at home on your phone. Heymarket was also built to make it easy for customers & employees to message each other to have on-going, 2-way conversation. Instead of relying on short codes or transactional messages, Heymarket uses existing or new business numbers.
I've been using Heymarket since it was featured on the app store. I needed to separate my personal text messages from my customers and Heymarket solved that problem for me. The app is fast and well thought out with a lot of amazing features like templates and scheduling that makes business texting super easy. Their customer service definitely sets them apart from the competition.

This makes either being a part of a business or working with one so much easier. It is beautiful and easy to use! Bravo!


It is so great have all of this is one place!


Wouldn't change a thing!

In my opinion there are some other apps with similar idea. What makes your product better? Design and overall app seems good though.
@hrantarzumanyan The product is mobile first, so it works seamlessly on your iOS/Android app and web app. It allows users to handle customer chats wherever they are. The product also has lightweight, easy-to-use versions of features typically seen in email products (eg, reminders, scheduling, assignments), but for messaging.
@akulkarni Fully understood the advantages of your product. Great!