Use HEY.com to connect via email like in the '90s!

HEYList.xyz is a directory of HEY.com email addresses to connect with like-minded people, '90s style
After all, with HEY's Screener tool there is no downside to posting your email address online.
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1 Review5.0/5
Love the idea, and it reminders of earlier times of the Internet.
@linuz90 Thanks πŸ’™ the Screener function really makes this pop!
Welcome! πŸ‘» As we all sign up to HEY.com and secure our dream usernames, I thought it would be fun to make a directory of people and their respective interests to get some conversation going, to meet new people in the tech community and to fill up our HEY inboxes with some great conversation. πŸ€™ After all, we have the new Screener tool to make sure that every message that reaches our Imboxes is actually important, so there is now no downside to posting your email address online! πŸ’™
congrats on the launch this is a cool idea
@frcbls Grazie πŸ‘»
So you are saying you are not getting enough emails in the new email service that you signed up for because it promises less emails?
@tafkaf Hahaha not quite, It's more that HEY has an inbuilt screening feature which means it's no longer a big deal to post your email address online, email is a pleasant way to network IMO :)
@coconidodev i get it, playing around with a new product ist fun and your site looks nice :-) Hope you meet nice people through it, all the best!
@tafkaf Thanks 😊