• Premium grey leather toe, eye stay and heel counter for durability + stability in and out of gym

• Stitched on completely flat sole in sticky white rubber for the toughest leg day and strength training

• Innovative #MyHeyday velcro heel panel used with removable patches and #MyHeyday reflective letters for the ultimate in personalization

• Designed in Boston, Manufactured in China

You've worked hard and earned everything that's yours. There were no short cuts taken, all roads were less travelled and yet here you stand firm in your conviction that greatness can be ones destiny. On your own you've stood for all this time, but now my friend let us lend you a helping hand in staying true to who you are. Tough, relentless and praiseworthy-these are the Tactical trainers.

The design of the Tactical Trainer is aggressive, angular and inspired by camo military and law enforcement boots. Soft, supple leather is on the toe, side quarter and eye stay with breathable ballistic mesh on the side panels as well as on the padded tongue and collar. The Tactical Trainer is over an inch taller in height than our Super Shift high top sneaker providing unsurpassed ankle support for all type of gym training when laced tightly with its round parachute cord laces or incredible style when left loose.

The innovative #MyHeyday velcro heel panel is used with the included removable patches or #MyHeyday reflective letters for the ultimate in personalization.

The insole is removable Ortholite ® foam and will keep you cool and comfortable all day long. The Tactical Trainer toe box fits wide allowing your toes room to move.

The completely flat sole provides the utmost stability and power transfer for all exercises and features a slip resistant rubber compound with a herringbone traction pattern. Place your feet together to create the Heyday head logo.

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These boots give me the support needed during my powerlifting and strongman training. They also take a beating and keep me injury free .


Overall foot and ankle mobility for movements like deadlifts.


Absolutely none.

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Huge fan of David and the team. Any plans for launching in the Indian market?