Heyday 2.0

An automatic journal that makes remembering beautiful & fun

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Thanks! There's not much to say about this one, we were trying to stay quiet. Tthis is more of an MVP for our focus on story telling about your days, so please stay tuned.
@blader Congrats on the.... leak?! Great looking app once again. Social gaming people really know their shit ;) btw: did a short teardown on Quora of the HeyDay 1.0 onboarding: http://www.quora.com/What-iOS-ap...
Today's a popular day for app redesigns launches. :) Congrats, @blader and team. The first version of Hey launched about a year ago (hunted by @liveink). Today's release adds easier sharing functionality, new "Days" feed, and search (my favorite -- useful for finding photos from specific events or locations months or years ago). The branding has also changed significantly. It feels more space-like. "Auto-journaling" is an interesting space, especially as technology becomes more ubiquitous and consumers create even more content than they are today (consider what a 24/7 Google Glass-like video broadcast could enable). Steven and Memoir are a few others to watch.
Congrats @blader! This looks like a completely new app, I look forward to digging in over the weekend :-)
@blader, do you mind sharing what led to the major redesign? I personally loved the old design. I especially liked the slideshow of past pictures from random days at the top. I know it's new and I'll probably sound like those people that complained about FB's design changes, but I'm really not liking the redesign. I would have paid money to use Heyday; not true after this redesign. The original one was so polished!
@McCroden This is definitely a work in progress. We've been thinking about how to focus Heyday down to a single value proposition, and for us that's about telling a story about your day. We've found having a slideshow on the main screen to distract from that. We may end up bringing something like that feature back in the Search tab someday soon - we know that's a feature a lot of people really loved.
Also not a fan of the redesign :( I used to be SUCH a huge fan of HeyDay! Most of my days I don't take a picture so now it's just one giant black square with the date in it. It's also harder to scan where I've been as my primary use case is wondering "What did I do last weekend?". Oh and the events of each day are in reverse chronological order now so it's really confusing as I scroll down I expect to be in the past but it's actually the evening of that particular date.