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#3 Product of the DayDecember 05, 2013
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I've been using Heyday off and on for the past several months while in beta. It's been available for a while in a few countries (New Zealand or Canada, I think). It's a personal journal with a heavy Timehop influence. It's most similar competitor is betaworks-backed Memoire (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...) which launched a few months ago. What I love about the product is its use of nostalgia (I have a fun blog post in the works on this topic). When I visited my hometown a while ago, I received a push notification that read something like: "You took a picture in Eugene, OR 1 year ago" It knew I was in a different location, traveling from SF and it smartly re-engaged me with curiosity.
Solid onboarding flow & first-time experience, I'm excited to use this app over time.
@liveink I'd do it this way again. The most important takeaway from me from doing social games for so long is the important of working on a product that can solve a problem for a very long time. In other words, things that aren't content. It's hard to find an idea that is very quickly valuable, but it's easier to find ideas that can become valuable if you're willing to spend enough time on it, and the latter products are more rewarding for me to work on. Heyday is a product I would work on for the rest of my life, for free, which isn't something I could have said for any of my Facebook games. @dan_hopwood Yes. Very much yes. We always thought of Heyday is personal software, not private software. Personal software should match your privacy expectations that you have in real life. We want to bring your friends into your memories very soon, and collaboration is going to be a *huge* part of that. So definitely consider what we have now to be an MVP that took way too long. We feel good about the foundation that we have.
@rrhoover @nbashaw I like how this has turned into a Q&A thread w/ @blader, would be cool to curate this and add it to a HeyDay's product page (which I assume will eventually be a feature of Product Hunt).
been a beta tester for 14 months, still use it daily