Tinder for (girl) friends

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I've known Olivia for years -- this is a super passion project for her. Congrats on the launch, and while I'm not a woman (so I can't use it), I will share it with my women friends!
@benparr Thanks for the support, Ben! Your women friends will thank you for it!!
This is excellent. My girlfriends and I always talk about how it's so much easier for guys to make friends post-college. Example: Guy 1 sits down at bar to watch football game. Guy 2 sits down next to Guy 1 to watch football game. Guy 1 and Guy 2 start talking. Guy 1 and Guy 2 become friends. The same, unfortunately, does not happen for women. Excited to give this a spin :)
So many "Tinder for X" apps but this design pattern works really well for several use cases. Curious to hear why you built this, @jennifermarie.
@rrhoover: @jennifermarie and I built this app to solve for our own needs as women who have moved, traveled, changed careers, and shifted lifestyles and life stages. Through our adult lives we go a lot of places that our existing friendships don't always support and it becomes time to expand our circles. So, Hey! VINA exists to connect you with new friends who are compatible with you, wherever you are in the world or in life. For why it's for women only... we all know that when you put men and women together on a "meeting" platform, it instantly becomes dating. Blame biology, I guess. :) Also, from a social psychology perspective, men and women bond in fairly different ways (men tend to be a bit more activity driven and women more about emotional disclosure), so we wanted to focus on designing the best experience for the way women make friends.
@rrhoover do you know of any 'guy friends' apps like this?
@alancassinelli @rrhoover We recently discovered one called Wolfpack!
@oliviajune @alancassinelli @rrhoover congrats on the launch! Unfortunately just checked out Wolfpack and there doesn't seem to be any people on the main feed. :-\ Will continue my search for an app like this.
What areas/ cities are you starting in first?
@thelittledibber Rolling out in SF and NYC first. Keeping super close tabs on user traction (based on signups) in other metro areas.
This looks super cool! Accidentally, I realized that I was dreaming about an app like that (as an adult woman with remote work who moved to another city not so long). Congrats on the launch, will be waiting for you worldwide :)