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nate parrottMaker@nateparrott
Hey all, I made this because I wanted a simpler, quicker way to authenticate users for simple web apps. I'm planning on adding many more popular oauth login services in the future (facebook, twitter, github, yo[1]). [1] http://yoauth.herokuapp.com/
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Without pouring over the details of this, I'd caution against using this. Authentication is a big deal, and it's annoying for a reason (it's hard to get right). Maybe if security or your relationship with your end user isn't too important this'll save you time (like, for a hobby app), but putting *another* layer of indirection between the user and your app feels unwise. Also, FWIW, this is what OpenID was designed for, but with more user control and freedom at its core. Unfortunately the UX was never quite right, and we were too early.
nate parrottMaker@nateparrott
@chrismessina Completely agree — this is mostly for hobby/hackathon apps. Things that demand serious security need more serious solutions.
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@nateparrott cool, glad to hear that. Have you thought about trying to help make OpenID Connect simpler for implementers?
Erik FinmanHunter@erikfinman · Founder of Finman Technologies
I came across Nate Parrot's goal to make 10 products in 10 days! I've been working on Intern For A Day (http://internforaday.co/) where companies/interns meetup to actually work with each other rather than impersonal job interviews/resumés. I live life by the credo of learning by doing and I do that my learning something new everyday! And that's what Nate Parrot is doing too! He's just going "SCREW IT! I'm doing this!" and learning hugely along the way by building something new everyday! And it blows my mind! So far he's done 3 products in 3 days so far which I'll be posting to Product Hunt all today. And I'll continue to post the next 7 over the next 7 days! Stay Tuned for more hunts!
Anuj Adhiya@anujadhiya · Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
Very cool idea - like this a lot. Don't know if it's just me but in the "client-side Firebase demo", of the 4 log-in options, the 3rd one (the black box) doesn't work - gives me an error)
Erik FinmanHunter@erikfinman · Founder of Finman Technologies
@AnujAdhiya @nateparrott should be able to answer that
nate parrottMaker@nateparrott
@AnujAdhiya Yep, looks like a problem on their end. I've removed the option for now.