I talk to Alexa & Google Home so you don't need to use voice

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I made this because sometimes I really don't feel like talking to Alexa. Especially when she's playing some loud music she gets full of herself and just completely ignores me, and i have to shout like ten times just to get her to acknowledge me. Sometimes I look at myself doing this and think "this is how machines will take over. I am actually working harder almost to the state of begging to ask Alexa to help me." So I decided to battle Alexa by building my own robot agent who will do the talking Instead of me shouting multiple times. This way when Alexa decides to act all smug and keep ignoring me I don't need to waste my energy shouting. I simply make my agent keep replaying "Alexa stop" until Alexa finally comes to senses and listens. The cool thing is, since it's a machine talking to machine, Alexa seems to understand much better than me shouting, even when it's a complex sentence. In fact you can even keep the volume very low and Alexa will still recognize really well. I think this can be useful for people who have hard time interacting with Alexa or Google home because they can't speak english (even though they can read), or have accent that Alexa can't recognize, or people who are mute. But most importantly this is useful for lazy people like me who would rather not speak. There's autocomplete built in, so it will start suggesting you stuff as you start typing. You simply need to pick from all the various commands other people have used.
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@gliechtenstein This is pretty great / ridiculous. Love your work, man!
@jonroig thanks! :D
For optimal experience, PLEASE make sure: 1. Your computer is close to your Alexa or Google Home 2. The speaker is on Also, I really want you guys to experience it the right way so please make sure to try the following: A. Have Google Home? => Use Google Play Music? => Try this: http://hey.run/396 => Use Pandora? => Try this: http://hey.run/367 B. Have Amazon Echo? => Use Amazon Prime Music? => Try this: http://hey.run/375 => Use Pandora? => Try this: http://hey.run/366 => Use Spotify? => Try this: http://hey.run/397
This. Is. Awesome. Haha!! I love it!!! Added to Ultimage Guide To Voice Assistants and Skills.WTF
This is for my shy peeps out there!
Fantastic! Google doesn't get my accent some times ;)