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#2 Product of the WeekMarch 10, 2015
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Thanks @erictwillis for the hunt! Hi Product Hunters! @hyharryhuang and I made Hey.Press to help you find contact details for journalists. You can easily build small, targeted press lists, and it's completely free! We'd love to know what you think of it - is it useful? What improvements can we make? We're all ears :)
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@erictwillis @hyharryhuang @edmoyse Looks really slick. How did you build the database? What are your future plans for it? One thing to note, i'm getting this error when trying to sign up: http://d.pr/i/1hxzW
@erictwillis @edmoyse @crixlet Thanks! We've been compiling the database by indexing the publication article pages and supplementing that data with data from social networks. For the future, we're thinking of adding ways to make the process of contacting these journalists easier, along with adding more publications and keeping everything up to date. RE: the error, that's very strange - I'll look into it. I think your account was created successfully though, you can visit www.hey.press/search to start searching. Thanks for letting us know!
@hyharryhuang @edmoyse Free forever? I like the sound of that. I left a comment, but forgot to say: I added your tool to my resources list for startups: http://violetanedkova.com/startu... Thank you. :)
@edmoyse @v4violetta awesome, thanks a lot Violeta!
@violetanedkovam, your link not working, could you share the updated one. Thanks
Really great. Love the micro-payments model, with the awesome donation addition. My quoted $3.50 for 15 or so relevant Journalist emails was very fair, happy to pay for that!
@micrv hey, thanks for the donation! If you think of anything we can do to improve the site, just let us know!
Find relevant journalists. For free. It's a pretty slick app imo.
Nice little web app. Database doesn't seem to be too large though. It's just the major tech pubs.
@andyfortson thanks for the feedback :) At the moment we're focusing on up-to-date info, but adding more publications is definitely on our roadmap - what do you want?
@edmoyse Would be nice to see more mainstream pubs in here. WSJ, NY Times, Fast Company, etc.
@andyfortson I agree with this sentiment, works great but will be truly useful when it is super wide-reaching and known to be reliable.
@edmoyse I would love instead to see smaller publications and influencers as well.
Thanks @erictwillis! We originally made this for ourselves to use but thought it might benefit others as well. Hope this is useful and like Ed said, we'd love to hear from you!