Hey Google, Tell Me Something Good

Google Assistant feature delivering daily dose of good news.

#2 Product of the DayAugust 23, 2018

“Tell me something good” is a new experimental feature from Google for Assistant users in the U.S. that delivers your daily dose of good news. Just say “Hey Google, tell me something good” to receive a brief news summary about people who are solving problems for our communities and our world.

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I'm all for less depressing news. 😊 Where are the stories coming from and how do you choose what to feature, @iamryanb?
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@rrhoover The stories are curated through the lens of solutions journalism by the Solutions Journalism Network (SJN). They're a nonpartisan nonprofit with the mission to spread the practice of reporting on emerging solutions to the problems we face as a society. It's the same rigorous reporting as traditional news it just also covers how some people are doing better – serving as an example that we can all learn from and maybe apply to our own communities. SJN has a StoryTracker with over 4000 solutions journalism stories from publishers big, small, local, regional, national, international, etc. That's where the stories are coming from. For more background, check out the Google blogpost, https://www.blog.google/products... And check out the Solutions Journalism Network StoryTracker, https://storytracker.solutionsjo...
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Ignorance is bliss
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An AI controlled by one of the biggest corporations on the planet telling you only good news is one of the most dystopian things I've seen on this silly site.
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@wyatt_t It may seem like that on the surface but this isn't superficial good news about random acts of kindness or unlikely animal friendships. And it's not supposed to replace your regular news diet, but add to it. By sharing stories about solutions, we can show that doing better against a problem is possible and there's at least one potentially replicable model on how to do it. So if someone reads about a town in Vermont who was able to reduce their rate of opioid abuse by X%, that someone from somewhere can have more productive conversations with friends, family, and local lawmakers about how they can solve that same problem in their community.
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I need this.
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"Tell me something good isn't supported in this region." - Oh, Google, nothing good ever happens around here 😅
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