Hey From The Future is an advice sharing website that allows users to read and share advice they wish they had at certain ages. Wish you started learning how to code 15 years ago? Write it as advice to the future generation.

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Great concept, great transfer of knowledge tool.. love it!
@jasoncaston Thanks so much! πŸ˜ƒ

dunno what to say, it's just brilliant


Really nice and thoughtful advice from people



This isn't true. Cons - This is an unfiltered forum for users to say whatever they want. No, you can't single a person out, but forums can lead to a lot of vitriol being spewed. This IS a great idea and has huge potential for positive use. But very few things are "Cons: None". This kind of thinking is what's lead people around the world to turn on SF and the tech industry
Thanks for the feedback, it means a ton 😺
If people start regularly contributing, this could be a hugely valuable source of information. I'm surprised more effort isn't put into gathering wisdom from older generations.
@john_c_palmer Definitely! A few days ago when I was asking friends to populate it, I asked my parents to post some things. It was really interesting seeing advice that they were giving me at my age.

Very cool website, I can't stop reading advice for all ages. Just shared the link with all of my friends, hope they sign up as well.


Soothing website design


Easy to tell how many advice is per age, so no need to click into each age


How will you attract an 80 year old to contribute? Can I create an account for my grandpa?

Hey Valeria! Thanks for the feedback. Yeah the 80 year old is tough. I set the upper age limit to 81 with the anticipation that I won't get too many users around that age, but anyone up to 100 years old can register. If you've got advice from your grandparents you want to share, by all means make an account and do so, or feel free to message me the individual advice and I can add it on the backend. Thanks again πŸ™‚

Love this idea. I think it's a great way to help and inspire others. An interesting addition might be a possibility to contact a user who posted an advice for more help regarding a specific topic (e.g. when someone's advice is to travel as much as possible, you might want to ask if he/she has any more advice on how to get started).


Great way to help and inspire others.


No way to ask a user who posted an advice for more help regarding a specific topic.

Oh man thanks for the feedback πŸ˜„ > Cons: No way to ask a user who posted an advice for more help regarding a specific topic. That's a really good point. It might be helpful to introduce some sort of messaging system as more users submit advice. Thanks so much!