HEY Bracelet

A revolutionary bracelet that sends touch over distance

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Only a bracelet for the wrist? What about other parts of the body?
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@douglasevaristo @matthewboyle25 The double irony of of someone replying to original comment with a sarcastic gif, but with a real title of "Front End"......
@matthewboyle25 https://youtu.be/75eD-qND5yk you're welcome! Btw, Kiiroo a Dutch startup too.
@matthewboyle25 HEY, we are decent! 😉
Dear hunters, meet HEY! A bracelet that lets you send and receive a touch, wherever you are. It’s the first wearable that mimics a real human touch. HEY is developed for loved ones in a (long) distance relationship. It offers them a new, more meaningful way of communicating. We’re in our final development phase and are hoping to take the final steps with the help of Kickstarter. We’d love to hear your feedback on HEY’s design, purpose, possible features and operation 🙂 I’m around to answer any questions, thanks!
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Awesome Dutch Design product killing it on Kickstarter right now! Hey is the first bracelet that sends touch over distance. @Tarja take it away! 🖖
@bramk Thanks Bram! We'll take it from here :)
@bramk @tarja This is revolutionary. Should be very useful for someone having a long distance relationship.
Beautiful design. Even the boxes look great! Not to mention how cool the product itself is!!
Great design! What kind of touches can this recognize/create? Do you always feel the same touch on the receiving end or does it change based on force/duration of the person sending a touch?
@kunalslab Good question! For now HEY is able to send and receive one type of touch which feels like a gentle 'squeeze' on the wrist.
@tarja @kunalslab I love this space but is your solution enough to take a spot on my wrist all day long? Can it sense the amount of pressure? Can it be customized? If that's it, why not just have different types of vibrations and make it a mobile app? An app called Pair/Couple does that with the "thumb kiss" which was brilliant but not enough either. Forget the $100+ tag, I just don't see myself wearing this all day long for a couple of "heys". My significant could probably just text me "hey" -- then my phone vibrates (she has a special text tone + text vibration). That's free.