Live chat that allows users to discuss on any website πŸš€

πŸ‘‹πŸ»Hey is a social network working as an extension you install on your browser. It appears on every web page, allowing you to interact with your peers and get a financial compensation when doing so. Discuss, ask, share. Everywhere πŸ”₯

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Basically, we were getting very frustrated to systematically having to open up a new tab to get information about something we were viewing on the internet page we were visiting. You open up Facebook to comment on a newspaper article. You open up TripAdvisor to get insight about an experience. You open up google to get extra information about a product. You use NPM whenever you have a coding question. This has to stop : Hey allows you to get that information directly when you're on the website !
Great concept
Great product! Any plans to integrate this with existing chat platforms i.e. Messenger, WhatsApp, so that you can have a single chat interface for everything?
@lachlankirkwood hey man ! In the long run, it could be an idea. But in order to interact on Messenger and/or whatsapp, you need to be friend. What we offer is a platform that allows you to talk to any person on the web that likes the same stuff as you do but instead of having to go on Facebook, Reddit, Yelp, or any comment platform, you can talk to that person directly on the website. And because it's an extension, you're free to say what you think and the website owner won't be able to control that (like on TripAdvisor that litteraly became trash) :-)
@otabery Really great point of difference between existing platforms!