The easiest way to ask "How are you?" and mean it.

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Shaurya SalujaMaker@shauryasaluja · Foundation Capital
Hi guys, we created Hey with the intention of finding a simple way to return meaning to the phrase "How are you?" We felt that too often we go about our days hearing that phrase without actually being able to express the true answer. So, we built Hey as a simple way to actually check-in on your friends and loved ones and add value back to a question that's been relegated to a generic pleasantry.
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@shauryasaluja that's what i used Yo for ;)
Johnny Quach@johnnyquachy · VP Product @ AIrhelp
@shauryasaluja The UI is nice and everything looks slick. But what is the long term play with this? The inspiration from YO is clear but what I like about YO is all the possible applications. What do you see this going down the line?
Shaurya SalujaMaker@shauryasaluja · Foundation Capital
@johnnyquachy its like how @michaeldick said - coupled with location data, we can see this being used by companies to easily gather customer feedback. We just liked the idea of being able to quickly express your current feelings. Something we're also considering is a way for people to track and analyze their emotions through the day. Would love to get your thoughts on that or any feedback about the app too!
Dick@michaeldick · Designing UI systems @Twitch
@johnnyquachy Yup, it's pretty easy to see the B2C play here. Good luck, @shauryasaluja!
Dick@michaeldick · Designing UI systems @Twitch
Great execution but my heart says this would be much more powerful as a B2C product, not P2P. Imagine how amazing it would be to get a customers sentiment this easily. :)