A simple game, in your browser. The new 2048?

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This reminds me of one of the most frustrating/awesome games on the iPhone from a few years back: Super Hexagon
This got difficult way too quickly.
An incredibly simple but fun game. There are only two moves, rotate left and rotate right but that is enough to support what is very fun gameplay. My only complaint is that it gets pretty hard pretty quickly. Typically in games like this (e.g. tetris) the difficulty is slowly built up so that even novice players have at least a good five minutes of play before losing.
@jkupferman Thanks for the awesome comment. The way our game is designed now the speed depends on the speed of your computer which is obviously lame. We have a time based system in the works right now and the game should be updated today! Thanks again.
Found it to be a lot of fun on my first run, but I found the time pressure to be a bit too stressful so I likely won't play this on a regular basis. I've already got enough stress in my life ;)