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Thomas Merlin
Thomas MerlinMaker@thomas__merlin · Director of eCommerce, Hexoskin
@acondurache Thanks for your message! We have a REST API that allows users to download the raw data collected by Hexoskin to use them in their favorite hardware or software. More information here: http://www.hexoskin.com/pages/de... I'll be glad to answer any future questions anyone might have about our product. We've been shipping worldwide since 2013.
Andrew Condurache
Andrew Condurache@acondurache · Maker
This is quite interesting, I am trying to find comparable products. This seems a good match for a fitness app, do they have a private API? Would be a neat mashup with something like Fitocracy
adii@adii · Founder @Conversio
I like the tech, but am unconvinced by the shape & form of the device. I can probably see myself wearing this while exercising, but not the whole day & not whilst sleeping. :)
Thomas Merlin
Thomas MerlinMaker@thomas__merlin · Director of eCommerce, Hexoskin
@adii Thanks for your comment Adii. Actually Hexoskin is quite comfortable. It's not as tight as a compression shirt and you forget that you're wearing it after a few minutes. That's the whole idea, monitoring your body without feeling monitored so that you get real data in your everyday environment and during your usual activities. (vs running on a treadmill wearing an oxygen mask and sensors stuck to your freshly shaved chest!)
emelyn@extremelyn · Design @ Bloc
Very cool! As an athlete, there's a lot I want to know that could be answered from an in-person demonstration of the tech. Is it too loose, or too tight? Does it get too hot? How does it handle perspiration? Any sensors in annoying answers? I'm not recommending lending this thing out to a prospective customer — but I'm curious if you're looking to set up any retail partnerships with Hexoskin?
Kiki Schirr / 史秀玉
Kiki Schirr / 史秀玉@kikischirr · Founder, WeKiki Video Chat Platform
Can I ask a silly question? I noticed that the female shirt has a lower cut scoop ---which is fine, not saying anything bad about that. But the male one is a high crew neck... and it's more form-fitting than one that has to deal with boobs. Do you get different results from different anatomies?