Anti theft for bikes, made easy

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For the shape and size how many do you think you can ship before keys start opening others?
@halepeter I'm not what you mean with your question. Most key systems are limited in the number of keys that they actually have and its very rarely communicated so truth is you don't know. Similar products on the market for bikes and also other products, can be opened with two screw drivers, which renders the questions about keys rather irrelevant.
Bike theft is something concerns us all and coming out to your lovely bike and seeing your saddle and wheels gone is just painful. Hexlox has launched a revolutionary new lock that solves this problem, and are doing pretty well on Kickstarter currently with 90,000 Euros already pledged (the campaign ends on Wednesday). Simple product, but clearly seems to be solving a well needed pain point. @tonndorf would love to hear about the story behind this and journey so far?
@jasondainter Thx for posting! Hexlox is the easiest way to secure your bike components, Saddle, Wheels and more. Its easy because it was so important for us to find a product that did force you to change your screws, bolts etc to something that rarely is very secure, and rarely looks good. 3 years of development and prototyping and we are here :-). Hexlox is basically a small lock that you insert into an already existing bolt on your bike. It can also be used on bolts on other products as well of course. It comes in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. With a coded key you can then lock and unlock it as you please. We are also bringing out a product to secure nuts and we also have a line of beautiful and secure skewers.
The bigger the problem, the smaller its solution. Beautiful.
This is amazing :-D I really love innovation !
Genius idea. Great product - hope it does exceedingly well!