Hexbot Robot Arm

All-in-one robot arm that turns your desktop into a workshop

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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 25, 2019

Hexbot is an all-in-one desktop robotic arm with drawing, writing, laser engraving, and 3D printing to make users bring their ideas to life easily! Up to 0.05 mm high precision, noiseless design, easy-to-use software, and more than 6 functional modules.

  • Ureeda Asim
    Ureeda AsimContent Creator | Content Marketer

    -Diverse range of use cases -High precision & accuracy -Great speed -Portable & light weight -Great functionality -Metal engravings


    I don't think there's any.

    I'm just amazed at what it can do just by looking at the product video. From crafts, DIYs, to printing on phone covers, Hexbot looks amazing. The precision and accuracy is just wow. Great job! :)

    Ureeda Asim has never used this product.
  • Amelia Clark
    Amelia ClarkHyphen Earbuds

    This will be great for DIY gifts.


    There are so many features, haven't noticed cons

    Can it make coffee? No seriously :D

    Amelia Clark has never used this product.
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Eric W
Eric WMaker@eric1818 · Creator of Hexbot.
Thanks for hunting our product! The idea of Hexbot is - we want to create a versatile helper for our daily life, to help us make things and bring our ideas to life in an easy way. We spent two years designing and testing and got funded on Kickstarter in less than 5 minutes. For now, we have designed multiple headers include laser engraver, 3D printer, and the suction cup and we will attach more functions on it in the future. Which function do you want on Hexbot? Feel free to share your ideas with us.
Eef invorm
Eef invorm@eefinvorm · ToyHacker
@eric1818 stitcher function, hot glue, welding/soldering, . Very good inventions so far allready in one robot
Lynne Hale
Lynne Hale@lynne_hale · Project Manager
It can be interesting solution for making gifts yourself...
Mané Karen
Mané KarenMaker@mane_gharibyan · Growth Hacker
@lynne_hale Exactly!
Jane Melson
Jane Melson@jane_melson
Woww!!!Want one😍
Mané Karen
Mané KarenMaker@mane_gharibyan · Growth Hacker
@jane_melson You can get it by clicking on the link under the upvote button :)
Rodrigo Stevens
Rodrigo Stevens@rodrigo_stevens · show me sth interesting
interesting. so it means I can design my own phone cases huh?)) warranty included?
Mané Karen
Mané KarenMaker@mane_gharibyan · Growth Hacker
@rodrigo_stevens Sure you can. We will try our best to create a reliable product and we will provide a 1-year warranty from the day you receive the product. We will guarantee all modules and Hexbot arm. We will strive to replace or repair any defective products when used in accordance with our instructions.
Roland Clifford
Roland Clifford@roland_hovsepyan · videomaker
I want It)))