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Hello, Product Hunt! I'm Tianqi Sun, founder and CEO of Vincross - and we've just launched HEXA on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2w7LZJg In case you haven't met HEXA yet: HEXA is a six-legged robot that’s versatile and maneuverable, able to handle all kinds of environments and terrains. HEXA can even climb stairs and dance. Our goal is to drive innovation in robotics by making sophisticated robots accessible and affordable to more people. We’ve created a new robotics ecosystem which includes a powerful OS, and an SDK, so it’s easy for people to start developing on robots. Our MIND OS makes programming robotics simple and straightforward while still enabling the development of sophisticated robotics functionality. MIND SDK allows individuals can create Skills (i.e. applications) for our robots with just a few lines of code. Check out our docs: https://documentation.vincross.com/ Also, I'd like to invite you all to build no HEXA! There are two ways to get involved - share a cool skill idea or develop an interesting skill. We want HEXA's Skill library to be robust, fun and useful - and for new robotics developers to show off their skills. You can check out the dev portal here: https://developer.vincross.com/ Of course - I and the Vincross team would love your feedback and will be around to answer any questions. As they say: ask me anything!