Hex Palette

The only palette selector you will ever need

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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉 Makerpad.co
Theres already so many color palette generators out there - what makes this 'the only one people will need'?
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@bentossell When I was looking for palette managers online, I met a dilemma. Many gave you suggested colors or preselected palettes, but none allowed you to save individual swatches and compile your own in a simple and easy to manage way. Hex Palette allows you to create custom palettes with colors saved on your browser's local storage (no login or need to worry about losing colors) and can export your palettes to SASS for easy css use. I designed the entire app in react, so all rendering is client side, making the interface lightning fast and color rendering instantaneous (no need for redirects because the whole site is in the same location). Finally, the four methods of color selection allow designers to find inspiration from their own curiosity or randomly generated colors. This web app represents the solution to a major problem I faced as a designer, and I think that others will feel the same.
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Anyone who started using the site after 12:35 EST can disregard the following NOTE TO SAFARI USERS: A needed update to the site was just pushed. As Hex Palette uses local storage to save it's colors, I suggest clearing your local storage for https://crellison.github.io (this site is hosted on my github page). Sorry for the inconvenience.
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