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HERstory by marketHER.org is a weekly newsletter for women in tech. Each week, we chat with a different marketing leader and get to know HERstory. Then, we send you the takeaways, so you can apply them to your career.

  • allison wagda
    allison wagdastrategy/marketing, Versal

    Impressive and substantive interviews with experienced leaders



    A lot of people have opinions on marketing, but few have experience with a view from the top. This is super valuable content that will help people in all stages of their marketing career, with insights and tips from people who have seen it all. Highly recommend!

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  • Kate Harvey
    Kate HarveyContent/Search Marketing Manag. Chargify

    Inspiring! I look forward to this newsletter every week.


    Nothing - it rocks!!

    I've been reading marketHER since its launch, and it's one of the few emails I look forward to every week. The interviews are honest, inspiring, and help the rest of us in martech identify actionable ways to advance in our own careers. Jes has done an incredible job, and I can't wait to read more!

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Female marketing leaders from HubSpot, Twilio, Lever, Unbounce, Glassdoor, Autopilot, Gainsight, Eventbrite, Shopify, Bizible, CoSchedule, Intercom, Sprout Social, Instapage, Help Scout, and SaaStr have already agreed to share their stories, including how they broke into leadership, how they overcame common obstacles faced by women in tech, and what they would do differently if they could go back in time. 💖
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@nikkielizdemere Thanks for hunting HERstory by marketHER.org, Nichole! We really appreciate your support and are so excited to share this project with the community. 😊
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I've been a subscriber to MarketHER since its launch, and have especially enjoyed seeing the patterns in how these women advanced in their careers. Great resource for anyone wanting to see how *others* did it.
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HERstory is a game-changer for women in tech. Hearing what other women have fought through, strive for, and how the magic happens from leaders at companies we all admire: now that's something we can all use more of these days.
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Subscribed! Do you have links to past stories you can share, @jeskirkwood?
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@rrhoover Absolutely! We publish every story on our blog: https://markether.org/blog
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@jeskirkwood ahh, I missed that. Thanks!
@rrhoover No worries! Thanks for asking, Ryan. 😊
Already subscribed to this one. Wonderful insights from wonderful ladies! :)
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