Turn your Instagram account into an e-commerce site

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Dear Hunters, HeroZebra aims to create an easy experience to built up an e-commerce site through an instagram account. Our beta phase features; Visual branding consistent across all devices, Various themes, Various payment systems directly between you and your customers.
Would love to hear what you guys think about HeroZebra, looking forward to your questions and suggestions. All feedback is welcome! Cheers! Ammar
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@ammarceker this looks awesome would love to try. When does beta access go out?
Looks great. But considering links do not work on IG other than the one link in the profile, how does the linking out from the IG photo to the purchase page work?
@shareelo exactly, still a huge friction point but i see the value in auto creating a shop on the fly from an instagram feed.
@ammarceker Looks beautiful and is a unique approach to how other shoppable instagram sites are executing. I'd love to know how you're going about this from a technology standpoint, given Instagram's change in API access. Are you relying on the API or using web-scraping?
This seems like something that a few companies people already offer (olapic, curalate, like2buy and a few others), what makes this different?
@rickats Hi, the difference is that our product works like a site builder from scratch, you get to use your own domain and your own visual branding, and we dont get any commision payment goes directly into your paypal or stripe account.
Pretty cool concept, good luck! Are there any good examples of this in use already?