User-friendly workout tracker for CrossFit athletes

HeroSnatch helps CrossFit athletes plan their workouts, keep personal records always up-to-date, achieve best results by concentrating efforts on weak points, adjust training plans to stay in balance, find friends or teammates and connect with other athletes.
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Thanks a lot for hunting us, @lisadziuba 🙂 Hi, Product Hunt family! It's Mikki, HeroSnatch founder here. We're super excited to introduce our app to the community! Long story short, I've been doing CrossFit for the past 3 years and realized how it's challenging to understand your long-term progress and balance between different movements. Also, I've been traveling a lot and always missed the competition with my friends. Existing solutions didn’t satisfy my visual and functional needs, and this is how actually HeroSnatch was born. It's like a virtual CrossFit Box where you can track WODs, monitor your progress and hang out with friends – all in one place. Our goal is to give athletes the ability to keep their records in a single safe place. Unlike many other WOD tracking apps, we put the user first and try to deliver the best experience with a clean UI and beautiful data visualization. We do hope that you guys will love our product. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments and don't be shy to ask any questions. Your feedback and support would mean the world to us! P.S. Together we can build a better app for millions of athletes around the world ❤️
Many thanks from our team, @geek_1001! Sending much love to @lisadziuba <3
Nice job, guys! Keep rocking :) Hey community, don't hesitate to ask the makers any questions!
@lisadziuba Thaaaaaanks a lot! Will do :) Our team is always happy to reply to any questions. Hey, Product Hunt people, don't be shy!
Really like the look of the UI, better give it a try!
@ceonn_bobst Thank you so much! We're doing our best for you ;) Tell us what you're thinking about HeroSnatch after trying. We'll be waiting for your comments!
Really cool! BTW what technologies (stack) do you use for your apps. Are they build natively on android and iOS or using UI frameworks like react native/flutter/ionic? ☺️
@faizanjoya thank you for your interest. We are using Python (Django) + Angular for the web and Cordova for supporting mobile versions. That allows us to stay lean and robust in terms of features development 🙂
Like this app! This what was missing for training
@dubovetzky Really glad for you, mate! :) Can't wait to hear your honest feedback after some time of using our app.