A unique set of icons that are easy to customize with CSS

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Ollie McQuitty
Ollie McQuitty@olliemcquitty · MD of Visualizar
I have to say, this is absolutely awesome. Having icons that can be so quickly customised using CSS is a lifesaver when building highly visual sites.
Steve Schoger
Steve SchogerMaker@steveschoger · UI / UX Designer
Hey everyone, Big thanks to Mubs for sharing this :) Save 50% until February 24th. I made these icons with bootstrap startups in mind. Heroicons make it easier for developers to use high quality icons and customize them to better align with their brand. Using the inline SVG approach, you can style each layer of the icons using an external style sheet giving you the creative freedom that most stock icons don't provide. Hericons come in 2 sizes to support different needs but you can also make them responsive. There are 308 icons in total - 154 of each size. I spent a lot of time making sure I have all of the essentials but I will also be providing free updates so get them early while the price is still low. I also take requests for new icons if they benefit everyone. The set also comes with CSS samples, versions with inline styling so they are easier to open in Illustrator, plus the Sketch source file with shared styles. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Let me know what you think!
HΛN K.@hanothan
This is absolutely a stunner. Will definitely use this!
Michel Gebrael
Michel Gebrael@mgkday · Entrepreneur, Adviser, Developer, VC
this is a hit ! love it, well done !