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Hi everyone! I'm Mo and I'm one of the co-founders of Heroic Labs! As Kevin mentioned, we provide a platform for game developers to easily integrate multiplayer, social, chat, and much more into their games. We want game developers to focus on building the most fun games they can :)
AWS For Game Developers. They build an easy to roll out multiplayer backend for games — the chat, social, and multiplayer networking that often takes “up to 18 months for developers to build themselves”. An API specially designed for all platforms.
Mo - this is a great idea, what inspired the team to try to solve this problem?
@sumirmeghani Hi Sumir. I'm Chris one of the co-founders of Heroic Labs. We originally started to build a game studio together and wanted a game server platform which could support our games. We wanted something which was simple to build on, worked across any games device, and was a joy to use. The best we could find was Parse but it is not designed for the scale of games we had planned, it's also not possible to build a large number of game features (like multiplayer) on Parse. So we built it ourselves. :)