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Budi Voogt
Budi VoogtMaker@budivoogt · Co-founder Heroic, Artist Manager
Hi everyone, I'm Budi - CEO and co-founder of Heroic and Heroic Academy. We started Heroic Academy to solve the struggle we faced when starting out in the music industry... How to get plays? And how to make your music sound good? Might sound familiar to you. A few years ago we started Heroic, a record label and management agency. We have over 70.000 followers on SoundCloud and represent San Holo, WRLD and DROELOE for management. They're all internationally touring acts by now -- but when we started we had $0 investment and <1000 followers. Lacking funds and relationships, we started our own label and learned to leverage digital media to get exposure. With Heroic Academy, we share the lessons we've learned along the way. Our team, my partner Tim and I write about music marketing, business, copyright, publishing, mixing, mastering and everything in between. We believe in in-depth, actionable content from the field. And for the amazing peeps at Product Hunt, we've made our 24 page "How The Music Industry Works" book available for free. It's a crash course on the industry's dynamics; from managers, to booking agents, publishers, synchs, contracts and how to build a team. Also - if you have any questions - please fire away! Thanks and much love.
Chris Schwartze
Chris SchwartzeHunter@chrisschwartze · Co-founder @ Urban Masterclass
I'm having a blast working on this project 🔥 Heroic Academy shares real-world expertise in label management, artist management and audio-engineering and makes it accessible to everyone.
Chris Schwartze
Chris SchwartzeHunter@chrisschwartze · Co-founder @ Urban Masterclass
You can get the free book by going to: https://heroic.academy/?ref=prod...
Tim Chard
Tim Chard@timchardme · Self
Soundcloud Bible was well worth the moola, so looking forward to checking this out too (FREE!?)!
Pablo Smith
Pablo Smith@pablosmith_ · Creative Director @PSILYCreative
I've been subscribed to their newsletter for about a month now. When I got the "final" email asking to sign up for the Music Marketing Academy and giving me 4 days to consider shelling out $399 or $499 (or payment installations), I gave up on the idea. Although Budi and the team seem friendly and definitely have a good grip on the EDM side of the music industry, a lot of the advice is repeated throughout the newsletter and it doesn't necessarily give me enough of an incentive to sign up. Just my two cents as a non-paying customer :)
Chris Schwartze
Chris SchwartzeHunter@chrisschwartze · Co-founder @ Urban Masterclass
Hey @pablosmith_, I'm sorry to hear that. Anything we can do on our end? The Music Marketing Academy is currently our flagship product (hence the pricing). What content did you think was repetitive?