Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard's answer to Lol and Dota2 is now live

I love mobas, and I really love Heroes of the Storm. What makes HOTS great is the average match is 20 minutes long, and there are no weapons to purchase. The leveling is also completely different than other MOBAs because teams level together. I've been playing in the alpha and beta since last April getting to experience first hand the changes the game has gone through for balancing.
@jaredepicpower I was in the technical alpha a looooong time ago and enjoyed my time, but I feel like I'm missing something with MOBAs that I don't "get." What do you get jazzed about with the genre and what does HOTS do that amps that up?
@ryan_olsen @jaredepicpower MOBAs aren't for everyone. I enjoy the genre because I really like to play team games. The gamedesign for MOBAs requires team work as a key component. They are deep in strategy but also require people to communicate often through either voice chat or map pings. Hots is great for pugs (pick up groups) because if you get a bad team you won't have to wait for a 40 to 60 min match like most MOBAs, it will be 20 mins or less usually.
I really like HotS so far. Just about 1 week in so far though :). The different maps with objectives are really cool. And of course Blizzard's IP is tremendous. Plus team-wide exp gain which I think is nice. Biggest drawback for me is the lack of customisation through for example items. I think talents alone aren't enough to differentiate your playstyle. And as a result of this + shorter game length I feel like it won't appeal to hardcore gamers as much as DotA / LoL do
Heroes of the Storm is amazing.