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#4 Product of the WeekAugust 23, 2018

Heroes helps recent grads find their first job or internship using a 60 sec video pitch with an app:

1 - Candidates discover companies and their offices with a 60' video pitch of the team.

2 - Like a first interview, the student can apply to the job answering pre-recorded questions asked by the team to show their personality!

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How do you avoid creating a company full of extroverts? I personally see the appeal but I think this would be off-putting for people that are more on the shy side or introvert. Not everyone is comfortable jumping in front of a camera and some people express themselves much better through writing.
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@yannschaub I too want to know this.
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@yannschaub @pbmarcano You guys are totally right to raise this question - that's why it is super important to have a variety of people representing the company on the camera and asking the questions to the candidate. This way it will be appealing to anyone. - At the same time, compared to other video recruitment tools where candidates are being asked to answer live questions, with Heroes, they can record and redo the video as many times as they want, before they feel confident enough to go to the next step. - I would add that the recruiter isn’t a film director looking for the next Johnny Depp… They are mainly looking for great content. Candidates will have a physical interview at some point, video just makes the process faster and smoother for everyone in most cases. - Finally, for sales or customer service positions, companies sometimes need to filter out on the degree of confidence/extraversion. I hope that it clarifies some doubts you might have and happy to continue the discussion.
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Greatest UX I've seen in a long time !
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@vicnourrissat we really appreciate the kind words, the work has paid thanks to the amazing team we have behind us! Let's keep improving now!
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Great app, super fast, intuitive and effective. Would recommend it to any recent grads looking for that first job!
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@amir__reza Glad you liked it, please do share amongst the recent grads!!
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Great product. They manage to reduce the useless pains of hiring process, both for employers and employees. And super great and innovative UX !!
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DISCLAIMER: I am an investor in Heroes.

Great team, very driven and passionate. I like the idea of turning the recruiting process into a two-sided video story. Pitch back!


Make recruitment great again


Founders haircut

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