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Raphael - would suggest you show us some preview screenshots before proposing to subscribe. Even as a beta user, I don't want to give my email just to learn a minute later that it was a mistake. Show us the stuff before !!
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@degrems Thanks for the feedback Samuel. Here is a demo (it is now inserted in the app login and main screen)
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Hey guys, I'm the creator of Hero Panel. As a master procrastinator, my main idea behind this was to have a dashboard for my personal stuff that would integrate multiple productivity tools and get me out of social media. After presenting it to my sister and friends I found out that people needed different tools, so I made the panel fully customizable. It currently offers a basic set of tools (called widgets) but we plan to integrate many more soon. The product is intended to have a minimal design to help people get in the zone without distractions. I developed this because somehow I felt digitally homeless, without an online place go back to, where I could be reminded of my goals instead of watching funny videos or seeing my friend's Instagram pictures. Now Hero Panel is my daily go-back-to online home. Hero Panel also works great with tablets and touch screen laptops. My personal setup is to use a touchscreen convertible laptop with the panel on full screen, while using my external monitor as my main screen. It has helped me a lot, I hope it can help you guys too. Do you guys feel digitally homeless too? Let me know your thoughts and feedback on the app. ps: what widgets (tools) would you like to see on Hero Panel?
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@raphadk0 I really like this idea. I would love to see widgets such as calendar integration (O365, Google, etc) or wearable tracking (Fitbit, Jawbone, etc.). It would also be cool to be able to adjust the volume of the soundboard. I just signed up today and I am enjoying it so far.
@raphadk0 sounds and looks amazing. Problem is everyone has a different productivity routine and uses different tools. For instance I've been managing my tasks with Remember The Milk for years now and I couldn't think of leaving it. Do you plan to integrate with it? Good luck with this product.
@ashwn Nice to have your feedback Ashwin. We got over 60 widget requests, now we are sorting them by popularity and we'll start developing and launching some soon.
@matteoc Thanks Matteo! RTM is not a common request, but it is a request now. It's not on the short term plans, but we'll take a look at it in the future.
This is just awesome! @raphadk0 awesome work. I found some issues like I can't delete habits and if I delete the text, I can't edit them (only with some HTML tricks) but this became my start page after like 5 minutes. No website could do it before!
@noxowe Thanks Laszlo! I got your e-mail, will definitely be in touch (:
@noxowe Laszlo, we are launching hero devs, if you're interested https://heropanel.typeform.com/t...
This is pretty slick, love the simplicity ;) P.S: Thanks for the Sound Board and the Spotify Remote <3
@ambonium Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you liked it Amrith! :D
I like the one-click environment sounds, and the habit list with graph. Kind of gives instant feedback on progress. I really didn't like the sign up process. I like that your app allows you to customize the panels, but I feel that when it comes to productivity, our culture is teetering on the border of obsession. There's a lot of potential for apps that simplify the 'doing' part, or even the 'planning' part, and focus less on distracting you from your current progress. Spoken from someone who spends a lot of time on producthunt when he could be working.
@jeffrey_wyman Hey Jeff, thanks! How did you feel about the signup, what could be better? I know email confirmation is a pain (that's why theres a bunch of social login) but it's a good way to keep spambots or fakes from registering. EDIT: Actually giving more thought to your feedback, I've removed obligatory email confirmation since it has captcha. Letting users login a couple times without confirming the email might be a better solution. About the obsession on being productive, I would guess it's because we never had so many distractions easily available in the history of mankind as we do nowadays, it takes a lot of willpower (and, for me, setting up the right environment) to stay away from online distractions.
@raphadk0 Show users what the product is before making them sign up. I think you will be OK in producthunt because lots of people are willing to try new things, but in reality I would never sign up for something without knowing first what it does.