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The world's most efficient keyboard.

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Hi all! I'm Corey, the HERO founder / designer, honored to be on PH! HERO is an MVP (no auto-complete bar, and weak auto-correct), and I'm a solo designer/founder. I contracted the dev work and I'm currently doing a Kickstarter to fund v2.0, but I'm thinking partnering and profit-sharing with a dev may be better in the long run. There's no Android version yet, but there will be, and I wrote the concept's origination story on Medium if anyone's interested: https://medium.com/@coreywstone/... Thanks and feel free to ask me anything!
@coreywstone I'm willing to live with software bugs and missing features right now, but how likely is the keyboard itself to change in any significant way? I feel like this is probably something I don't want to keep relearning.
@bhalp1 I've had some complaints about the Delete and Return being too close, and I have some ideas to improve number and symbol entry, so a few characters on the outer edges may change, but they'd be minor changes. When I add support for other languages, I'll need to optimize the letter location based on each language's letter frequency. Oy vey.
@coreywstone I'm pretty into this keyboard. Nice work. With autocomplete and swiping, I could imagine making this my default keyboard. I read in this PH thread that you have that in the plans. Great. I just wanted to encourage you to keep pushing because I think you are onto something, especially on my mega-iphone. :)
Really dig their approach to this!
I would think a try before you buy model might work out better for a keyboard that is 1) in beta and 2) also quite different from the rest of the offerings on the App Store.
@jsinghdreams I'd actually planned to do that originally, but being an app-development newbie, wasn't sure how to implement that from an App Store standpoint (ie, disable it after a week, then require an in-app purchase?). But hey at least buyers get lifetime free upgrades and customer support for less than $1 - not too shabby. :-)
@jsinghdreams @coreywstone Time bombs are against the app store guidelines I believe, Apple isn't the best at accommodating something like this. Could make those features you talked about premium (in-app purchase) and the "MVP" a free trial of sorts This is a cool idea and I'll be keeping tabs, my thumbs are starting to shit out on me and I'm not even 24
@jsinghdreams Unfortunately I agree with this. I was hoping to try it first but at the same time I understand that you have to make money somehow. Good idea but it might just be a buck away from gaining those early adopters.
It looks great and saves travel space. Are there an stats on how much faster you can type? Great job by the way.
@jedipixels Thanks! I did a little, but the weak auto-correct and lack of auto-complete really hurt it. Once I get those in, and the full swiping, I think it'll compete well in the speed department (though with some learning period).
Pioneers get all the arrows, so don't stress so much about the bad reviews. Really interesting idea, so good job. That said, people have done a lot of alternate keyboards over the years, and none have gotten anything like critical mass, so you have that going against you. But someone's gotta start a new look at them for the phone, so this may be in important first step.