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The world's most efficient keyboard.

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Corey Stone
Corey StoneMaker@coreywstone · UX guy, Founder of HERO Keyboard
Hi all! I'm Corey, the HERO founder / designer, honored to be on PH! HERO is an MVP (no auto-complete bar, and weak auto-correct), and I'm a solo designer/founder. I contracted the dev work and I'm currently doing a Kickstarter to fund v2.0, but I'm thinking partnering and profit-sharing with a dev may be better in the long run. There's no Android version yet, but there will be, and I wrote the concept's origination story on Medium if anyone's interested: https://medium.com/@coreywstone/... Thanks and feel free to ask me anything!
Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern@bendhalpern · Founder of dev.to
@coreywstone I'm willing to live with software bugs and missing features right now, but how likely is the keyboard itself to change in any significant way? I feel like this is probably something I don't want to keep relearning.
Corey Stone
Corey StoneMaker@coreywstone · UX guy, Founder of HERO Keyboard
@bhalp1 I've had some complaints about the Delete and Return being too close, and I have some ideas to improve number and symbol entry, so a few characters on the outer edges may change, but they'd be minor changes. When I add support for other languages, I'll need to optimize the letter location based on each language's letter frequency. Oy vey.
Chris Carella
Chris Carella@ccarella · Venture Partner, Five Four Ventures
@coreywstone I'm pretty into this keyboard. Nice work. With autocomplete and swiping, I could imagine making this my default keyboard. I read in this PH thread that you have that in the plans. Great. I just wanted to encourage you to keep pushing because I think you are onto something, especially on my mega-iphone. :)
Tom Masiero
Tom MasieroHunter@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
Really dig their approach to this!
Jaydeep Singh
Jaydeep Singh@jsinghdreams · Student
I would think a try before you buy model might work out better for a keyboard that is 1) in beta and 2) also quite different from the rest of the offerings on the App Store.
Corey Stone
Corey StoneMaker@coreywstone · UX guy, Founder of HERO Keyboard
@jsinghdreams I'd actually planned to do that originally, but being an app-development newbie, wasn't sure how to implement that from an App Store standpoint (ie, disable it after a week, then require an in-app purchase?). But hey at least buyers get lifetime free upgrades and customer support for less than $1 - not too shabby. :-)
Ben Basche
Ben Basche@basche42 · Product @ Multichoice
@jsinghdreams @coreywstone Time bombs are against the app store guidelines I believe, Apple isn't the best at accommodating something like this. Could make those features you talked about premium (in-app purchase) and the "MVP" a free trial of sorts This is a cool idea and I'll be keeping tabs, my thumbs are starting to shit out on me and I'm not even 24
Irving Torres
Irving Torres@irvingtorresyc · Freelance Designer
@jsinghdreams Unfortunately I agree with this. I was hoping to try it first but at the same time I understand that you have to make money somehow. Good idea but it might just be a buck away from gaining those early adopters.
Marco Napoli
Marco Napoli@jedipixels · Founder, Pixolini, Inc.
It looks great and saves travel space. Are there an stats on how much faster you can type? Great job by the way.
Corey Stone
Corey StoneMaker@coreywstone · UX guy, Founder of HERO Keyboard
@jedipixels Thanks! I did a little, but the weak auto-correct and lack of auto-complete really hurt it. Once I get those in, and the full swiping, I think it'll compete well in the speed department (though with some learning period).
Ross Rojek
Ross Rojek@sacbookreviewer · CTO, GoLocalApps.com, Apptoolkit.io
Pioneers get all the arrows, so don't stress so much about the bad reviews. Really interesting idea, so good job. That said, people have done a lot of alternate keyboards over the years, and none have gotten anything like critical mass, so you have that going against you. But someone's gotta start a new look at them for the phone, so this may be in important first step.