We've simplified medication management

Hero manages every part of your loved one's medication, so they never miss a dose again.

The device sorts and dispenses doses at the push of a button

The app reminds you to take your pills.

Hero Fill delivers meds directly to your door

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We have apps and devices to track pretty much everything these days. With HERO we wanted to build a simple and delightful way to track medicine and supplements. HERO is a smart appliance and mobile app that stores, dispenses and manages vitamins and medicine for you and your family. Here are some of our favorite HERO features: • Dispense your medicine on schedule or on demand at the push of a button • Store up to 10 different types of pills -- any size, any shape • Receive notifications when it is time to take your pills, whether you’re at home or on the go • Receive alerts about loved ones, so you don't have to wonder if Mom took her pills this morning • Share HERO with your whole family, while still keeping your own pills safe and secure • Know if you are running low and order refills HERO ships Summer 2016 and we’re accepting pre-orders starting today. As a special thank you, we're offering Product Hunters a special $50 discount. Thank you for the support. Let us know what you think...
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@kalvepuri Can you please let me know the best way to get in touch. I would love to feature Hero in an upcoming article.
@michaele_harrington Hi Michaele! The best way to get in touch with us is hello@herohealth.com or +1-929-260-HERO (4376). Thank you for your continued interest in HERO!
Hero Solves the "did I take that or did I mean to take that...or did I take it yesterday?" issue. I also like the access code, and wouldn't mind biometric recognition down the road. My 8-year old prides himself on breaking into my iPad and phone. "Ha, Mom, I guessed your new password." I wouldn't want my little digital lock picker to get medications.
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@runningdmc Great idea. HERO also lets you know by app/text if it's been unplugged, in case your little digital lock picker is strong and tall enough to grab it from the kitchen counter!
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@kutakdogan Love that. He's pretty clever...
@kutakdogan I noticed people are asking for refunds on your crowdfunding campaign and nobody from your company is responding. Any updates you can share?
@michaele_harrington We've had a very small number of requests for refunds due to the delay in launching, but we've addressed those customers and hope that everyone is as excited as we are for HERO to launch in spring 2018!
Can we use this for Skittles? :) All joking aside guys, great work. I can see this being very handy for people. Best of luck.
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@dannyfiorentini M&M's too. And Junior Mints. Basically the last three years have been about taking Pez dispensers to the next level ;)
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You guys hit the nail on the head with the alerts about loved ones. That may be the biggest reason these things become popular.
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@bizstoryteller Thanks. We think so, too. Several of us here at HERO have personal experience with loved ones who need extra monitoring, and believe that feature especially could really improve the lives of not only those taking vitamins and medicine, but the people who care for them as well.
This looks like it could help eliminate most of the pain points when you/family member needs to take medication. I particularly like the notifications that a family member has taken their pills. Congratulations and good luck! 😀💊
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@aemholland You're spot-on! These were our number one goals when designing HERO. The current user experience of taking and tracking vitamins/meds is just plain awful. HERO is here to fix that. Thanks!