Mobile commerce + messaging for global retailers

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Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Only available in London right now, but looks like a local-market version of Operator.
Danny Lowney@dannylowney · Growth ⛏@ Sup
Adam LeveneMaker@adam_levene · Founder, Hero™
@chrismessina Thanks for the plug Chris! We love @Operator, but we have slightly different model. Our mission is to 'humanize companies', making it easy for every business (not just retailers) to use messaging to provide effortless personal assistance to every customer. We’re excited to pioneer #convcomm across the pond...
Dan Flanegan@dflanegan · Co-Founder, Butter
Interested to see how all these personal assistant apps net out. Like the focus on London. Own geos one by one and I think you might have a business here. Best of luck!
Adam LeveneMaker@adam_levene · Founder, Hero™
@dflanegan I agree Dan, although we're not as 'personal assistant' app in the *traditional* sense like Magic or Operator. Our mission is to 'humanise companies' by giving them the tools they need to use messaging to provide personal assistance to their own customers. There's a little more about us here http://hero.cx/about
Dominic Esposito@domjespo · Head of Product, Startup
@adam_levene Love what you're doing and the chat revolution. Would you say Facebook Messenger "will be" your #1 competitor? How did you go about seeding the businesses? What rules & standards do you have to encourage fast business response time? Excited to try!
Adam LeveneMaker@adam_levene · Founder, Hero™
12 months as an idea, 6 months in development and 2 months since we launched into beta. Excited for Product Hunt to meet Hero™. Invite codes for the first 100 people based in London to try: 'PHUNT'
Jaime Macias@jmacias · Product @boost.
@adam_levene so is the Idea 20 months old or do those timelines run concurrently and its 12 months old? Congrats on launching.
Adam LeveneMaker@adam_levene · Founder, Hero™
@jmacias Thanks Jaime. The idea is around 12-13 months old. We kicked off development in around June 15 and went into beta in November.
Danny Lowney@dannylowney · Growth ⛏@ Sup
Great job, Adam - looks wicked! Luckily I'm in London. Do you see this as something that could give local/ind. businesses a voice?
Adam LeveneMaker@adam_levene · Founder, Hero™
@dannylowney Thanks Danny for the kind words, means a lot. Yes absolutely, I wouldn't put as down as 'anti-Amazon', but I believe Hero can really help give independent businesses the tech they need to compete whilst playing to their strengths of being small and personal..
Danny Lowney@dannylowney · Growth ⛏@ Sup
@adam_levene absolutely! Nice one 👍