Heresy Beta

Mission control for high-growth sales teams

Hi Hunters! Dimitar was the MD for StackOverflow in Europe and just unveiled Heresy, his startup to help sales teams communicate better and make decisions based on data -
@ediggs Thanks for sharing, Eze :-)
This is an outstanding product idea - we have a clear need to provide better tools for sales people. About time someone took a shot at this moribund space.
@hunglee I agree that this space has a ton of room to grow but I wish the site offered more details on the product than half a screenshot.
@amoreda Fair point! We'll give it a facelift soon. In the mean time just create an account so you can check it our properly ;-)
Glad to see this 💎 finally out 🙌
I've talked with Dimitar in the past about Heresy and I really buy into his vision of data-driven, action-oriented sales process. For sales teams it brings the positive impact which Scrum brings to the development teams.
I remember Dimitar telling me all about this in the early days - seeing the concepts come alive over the last year has been fantastic! Really solid thinking behind it and awesome product vision for the future. Good luck!