Here One

AI-powered, wireless headphones by Doppler Labs 🎧

#4 Product of the DayOctober 20, 2016
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They just opened up pre-orders, shipping end of the year at $299. While expensive, I've heard they're remarkable from friend that have tried them (cc @suzywillow). The ability to augment what you hear is fascinating (e.g. mute traffic noise when taking a phone call). @pierce has a great overview on Wired. This video is ~year old but does a good job of articulating how it works:
Tangentially, I'm super interested in audio-based interfaces. We're seeing Apple, Google, Amazon, and several startups building software and hardware that supplants traditional ways of interacting with technology: via sight and touch. Of course, the Her comparisons are evident. 😊
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@rrhoover @suzywillow @pierce Looks pretty promising. The headphone jack of my iPhone has been faulty for a while so I've been shopping for good wireless headphones, definitely a good candidate here.
@rrhoover I have them -- they are great, audio augmentation is very interesting. And charging case is awesome (apple took note of that smart idea)
@rrhoover the kinda shitty thing they did was that they announced Here One like 3-4 months after they shipped their previous product, the Here Active Listening. Definitely felt screwed out of these new ones because of that.
@rrhoover @pierce FYI It wasn't Hear One that I tried, it was Nura!! Australian team/company.
Ryan these aren't AI powered, they simply allow you to access Siri or Google from the buds. From the headline it seemed that this company is exclusively developing an AI robot like Her that would compete against Siri, Viv, Assistant and others, which is a considerably more exciting proposition than some headphones :)
What is the return policy on these, what if they don't work for me?
@orliesaurus You can find the return policy for Here One at the following link. Let us know if you have any questions.
What part of this is AI? I feel like it's just something people slap on everything now.
I've been waiting for the "unsubscribe" feature in AR for Exciting to see these things take shape. @fritzanity @angusbrown_ @bentleyr