Here Kitty!

A game about hiding and finding a cat in your home

Take turns hiding and finding Kitty in your home. Kitty will listen to people calling for it and meow in response to help you find him 😸
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for hunting Chris! We made this game over the past few weeks hoping it can lighten the mood and spark some laughs, especially for families stuck at home and looking for fun things to do. The game started as a simple prototype years ago with Apple Watch integration (ring a bell, click a clicker, etc. to get the cat's attention) but it was shelved with other projects we had to focus on. Now felt like the time to put it out there in simpler form. It works great iPhone only with audio detection for hearing your calls and responding with meows. Hope y'all find it cute and let us know if you have fun with it!
@phillryu Congrats on the launch, awesome gameplay
Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! What a great simple way to entertain children that are stuck inside during all of this! Well done!
@hayden_evans thank you, I'm glad we're able to help with some extra fun at least
Any chance of getting it for Android?
@vitalik it's possible if it ends up finding enough of an audience on iOS, would be a learning project for us as we haven't ported anything ourselves yet
Awesome, simple idea, so beautifully executed, as always with you guys! Such a shame it arrived 15 years too late ;-)
@sergeacker thank you! what happened 15 years ago? lol
@phillryu Child #1 was 3 ;-)
@sergeacker ahh. I will say it is totally fun as grownups too, try it out on them without them knowing about the game and it'll turn them into kids again.
@phillryu fear not... that is the plan!!! btw, Sticker pals is an absolute favourite with the family 😊
This is so cute! My son is only two but he got in on the fun. So glad to hear about something awesome made by Austin and Phil! Miss you guys!,
@roflexis that's lovely to hear, let us know if you're ever visiting Austin TX