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Hey Product Hunt! Here is "bionic hearing 1.0" - two wireless earbuds and a mobile app that serves as a "remote control on your ears" - letting you boost the bass / add reverb at a live music show, suppress the crying baby on a plane, or turn down the volume of chatter at the office. We hope to dramatically improve your acoustic reality. There's a good article about us here if you want more info: http://www.wired.com/2015/06/dop... Best, Fritz Co-founder, Doppler Labs
@fritzanity what's sizing like? I have very small ears and finding the right fit is a constant struggle
I used the first passive version of these ear buds and they were good -- great team on this, just ordered on kickstarter. Interested to try the "active" version Fritz
This blows my mind. I'm grateful for the people who are backing this project from the US and getting the rest of the world 1 step further to using this technology. The promise sounds brilliant to me and I am very eager to try this out.
Do you plan to support tinnitus sufferers? It would interesting if you could cancel out frequencies to avoid over stimulation.
Hi Michael - it is not designed specifically for tinnitus - but certainly one could use it to reduce particularly bothersome frequencies and / or to limit / reduce overall volume entering the ears.