The easiest way to grow at home

Herbstation grows fresh herbs, veggies and microgreens all year round. You may grow whatever you like and no subscription or recurring costs are involved. Herbstation is easy to use and harvesting fresh produce is super fun!
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Hi Product Hunters! We all love fresh food. Freshly grown produce is crispy, juicy and bursting with flavor. It's full of nutrients and has no pesticides, chemicals or GMO. Growing at home is also a lot of fun, and connects the family with nature. However, watering woes, lack of space, and climatic factors keep many away. Most new grow systems are either a token effort or are very demanding from the user. Others are subscription-based or expensive to run. We're here to change that and help you grow like a pro. Check Herbstation and let me know your feedback :)
I would love to grow my herbs <3
Is it safe to grow basil an other herbs in Herbstation?
@megan_burnette Yes, you can grow all the herbs including basil, mint, thyme and lots more. And it's completely safe and organic as there are no pesticides, GMO. Just good ole' soil.
I am unable to watch the video for the time being, so forgive my ignorance. Other than wall mounting, what is your USP versus established competitors (eg. AeroGarden)? Disclaimer, current AeroGarden user
@chris_germano No recurring costs, no Pod subscriptions, no apps required. And the massive grow area you get in Herbstation is incomparable. I'd suggest you to have a look at the video first and decide for yourself. ;)
@karan_vir Thanks for the overview, I was just curious about the few-second summary. Not looking to change my current setup but I wish Herbstation success