Hydroponic vertical farm: simple, clean, 40% more efficient

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Hello everyone, we are happy to be on Product Hunt! We recently launched our Herbert on Kickstarter and we are happy to be hunted here. Ponix Systems wants to change the way we think about our food, by bringing food production directly to our homes. With Herbert, we created a vertical illuminated farm that works hyroponically, so our plants grow directly in water. We wanted to make farming as simple, clean, and enjoyable as possible. With our inhouse developed LED light you can grow vegetables, herbs, and strawberries all year round, independently of weather or seasons. Herbert allows you to create your own, living, colorful picture, which you can eat and which you can reshape whenever and however you want. Let us know what you think, we are here to answer any and every question!
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@alexander_penzias Hey, very cool! Looking forward to having my own thai basil :D
@alexander_penzias How would you say this compares to something like the Aerogarden Bounty? Use of the wall rather than counter space obviously, but anything else? Also, experience with strawberries makes me think wall hanging might not be great (berry weighs down branch until the branch breaks or the berry falls - splat). Do you have a tray or something to add on for those?
@naweg our LED lights are a bit more powerful and make the plants grow a bit quicker, even than it is the case with the Aerogarden Bounty. In the video we shared on Kickstarter you can see a timelapse which we took over the course of 17 days and in which you can see how quickly plants in Herbert can grow. The fertilizer we are offering has also given us very satisfactory results in the tests we have conducted over the past two years. The strawberry seeds we are offering are hanging strawberries so they won't simply fall of or break branches due to their weight. However, we have tested various types of strawberries but never encountered this problem. Nonetheless we are also working on a tray that you can install in Herbert when you want to harvest fruits, herbs, or salads. Thank you very much for your question!
I like the idea and the actual implementation of the product (size, features) a lot! Really looking forward to get my own Herbert :-)
@peter_honeder thank you very much! We are also eager to get the production started after our Kickstarter campaign to bring Herbert to your home!
I love the approach towards easy farming, especially in combination with using LED light! Do the lights have to be on all the time then? Or better - how many hours should the light be on in Herbert per day?
@trackingcarina thank you very much! We recommend 12h to 14h per day but you can change the light settings as you'd like. If you have a place where there is a lot of sunlight, you can change the light settings in the app so the LED light works complementary to sunlight.
@alexander_penzias Nice, thanks for the explanation!
@trackingcarina you're welcome! Thank you very much for your kind words!
I've seen the concept before, but the name is by far the best part of this product :)
@baboon haha, thank you very much! There are some indoor farming products out there, that is true. However, we've tested quite a few products and we were never really satisfied with the results. Most of them use up horizontal space but almost all of them lack the productivity, so we created something, where we combined aesthetics and design with functionality. We really wanted to enable everyone to create a colorful and edible picture, in which the plants grow very fast! Thank you very much for your compliment, Herbert also says thank you :)!
@alexander_penzias Sure, don't get me wrong, it looks great and I absolutely see the value of what you're saying! But based on the response you got on your Kickstarter I assumed you didn't need my reassurance :)
@baboon haha thanks :)!
Can you have multiple harvests with the same product or do you have to change the sponges and seeds each harvest?
@3x14159265 thanks for your question! The biodegradable sponges in which the plants grow are recommended for one time use only, as remaining organic plant material may rot. Multiple harvests are possible, it just depends on the type of plant you are growing. In our seed selection we offer different types of salads and herbs, some of them can be harvested multiple times, others can only be harvested once.