Herba, Inc.

Machine learning for personalized medicine

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Herba connects consumers smartly to verified and certified cannabis products and information, based on personalized needs and tastes. Herba is developing technology to intelligently connect cannabis brands, products, and educational resources with patients, alternative health practitioners, new consumers, new market opportunities, and for growers a simpler way to manage and market their strains and crops in an increasingly compliant-centric world. Herba is to cannabis for people what Apple was to music and creators. We're super excited about our Herba Genome Marketplace (TM), Herba University (TM), and our Herba Connect (TM) app running on new machine learning that puts the health outcomes, personalized taste needs, and education goals of people first. For consumers, Herba is different because of our developing smart connection and learning technology, and our focus to educate and personalize the cannabis experience for everyday people based on their health and wellness needs and goals, their unique personal preferences, and their individualized health characteristics. Plus we're working to help growers "grow up" and into a mature, legal market, to verify compliance, have a way to simply certify the genome of their strain, and help consumers find the best information available so they can make the most informed choices.