Her Story

A real life crime story where you play detective

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This looks very cool. As a crime drama fan I'm very intrigued to test out own my own detective skills! Be interesting to see if all those hours reading Agatha Christie and watching CSI have paid off :)
Her Story is a unique new video game from Sam Barlow. Based on a fictional crime, Her Story revolves around a police database full of live action video footage and your job is to play detective and figure out the mystery behind her husband's disappearance. It's been getting some great reviews 👉 http://toucharcade.com/2015/06/2...
Love this game. Super original idea and excellent execution.
This video brings me flashbacks of Command and Conquer interludes. Super cool concept, @mrsambarlow. I wonder if there's some co-branded marketing opportunities with Gimlet Media's new show, Mystery Show. :)
Looks super cool! Can't wait to play! Thanks @mrsambarlow
@stacyannhayles Takes forever to download though. (through torrents)
@stacyannhayles Is torrenting a legal and legit way to purchase this game? If not, why are you torrenting it?
@samhouston Calm down there Sammy. If it weren't a legit way to download it, why would I mention it on PH and tag the maker, hmmm??? SMH
@stacyannhayles Great, glad to hear it was legal :) Was just a question, as I didn't see a torrent option on the buy page. That's cool that they're leveraging that as a means of distribution.