LinkedIn for Musicians 🎢

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Hi Product Hunt! I'm Cory – founder of Hendrix – a new social community for musicians. Hendrix is dedicated to connecting and promoting incredible musicians in cities across the US. We're going live today and would love to have any musical product folks be the first to check it out. Thanks for taking a peek! 🀘, Team Hendrix
@coryetzkorn Cory, very nice work on design+dev! There are many challenges I've seen music social network attempts struggle with, the two largest being: 1) user & customer acquisition - how will you attract a large number / variety of musicians to care about your thing? 2) monetization - assuming you solve for 1), how will you keep the lights on?
@mitchellshow thanks Alex! Both great questions that I've thought about a lot (although haven't totally solved). 1) This is always difficult. So far, I've tried to reduce the barriers to entry through a simple sign up flow and by integrating other platforms (Facebook login / connecting Instagram vs uploading your own photos). I have plans to add a "Login with Soundcloud" feature that would essentially create your entire profile in one step... along the lines of what Tinder does with their "Login with Facebook" approach. Partnering with / extending an existing platform could help. 2) I don't have many costs aside from my own dev time, but this would need to be solved down the line. There are so many ways to go! 1) Pro accounts (like Dribbble.com)... 2) Creating a marketplace for merch / music... 3) Charge for a service that turns your profile into a public landing page (like Squarespace cover pages). Want to give it some time and see how people use this first.
@coryetzkorn My $0.02 - a good story / hook / unique value prop will bring you users faster than any feature. And, just to keep in mind, musicians are notoriously difficult to monetize. Try pitching the models you mentioned to a variety of artists across genres and you'll see what I mean.
@mitchellshow true x2! Need to think more about both of those things.
@coryetzkorn absolutely love the UI/UX. This is a cool way to build a community! Really wish this is open-source cause it'd be of great help to those who wanna build communities in other niches, let me know if you ever plan on open-sourcing it, would really appreciate it πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
@ambonium thanks Amrith! Open source is a cool idea. It could be repurposed fairly easily. Might do this down the road if I'm able to extract the music-focused parts.
@coryetzkorn that's awesome, let me know :) πŸ™Œ
πŸ€” looks interesting, but I can't use it because I live in the UK. Any plans for expansion?
@basicallydan I wanted to sign up too, but couldn't because I have no valid postcode... :( Please expand to Europe (+UK ;))!
@skankinpenguin @basicallydan sorry! Thanks for your interest! I definitely want to expand it down the road. You can sign up to be notified about release updates here: gohendrix.com/subscribe
@coryetzkorn Thank you, sounds good! Subscribed. :)
Another new music site adding nothing against the others. I always get excited then realize they're all the same.
Awesome work!! Can't wait to find some gigs with this!!
@milesalex Thanks Alex! What do you play?